There and It in English

In English, we can use the words ‘there’ and ‘it’ to indicate the presence or existence of something physically in a location or to refer to an object or thing.

Using ‘There’

We use ‘there’ to indicate that something is physically present or exists in a particular location:

There is some money left in my pocket.

There is some juice on the table.

There was an accident in the old street yesterday.

‘There’ can also be used to refer to a group of people or objects:

There are 20 people in our class.

There have been 10 people so far.

We can also use ‘there’ to introduce the existence of something:

There is a nice amusement park in our town.

There have been a lot of problems in his car.

There could be a big problem.

There is a big hotel and many shops nearby.

Using ‘It’

We use ‘it’ to refer to an object or thing:

Oh, it is a very beautiful dog. What’s its name?

It is Sunday and it is 1:00.

It was really nice to hear from you.

It won’t be cold tomorrow, I hope.

It was nice to meet you.

It is lucky that you are our teacher.

It is nearly evening, so we have to leave.

It is 110 km from Aydın to İzmir.

It was rainy all night.

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