Linking Words for Showing Relationships


but: However, she wanted to come but couldn’t.

not…but: He is not a doctor but a teacher.

although: Although it rained, we still had a great picnic.

while: She loves skiing, while her brother prefers snowboarding.

whereas: She enjoys cooking, whereas he prefers eating out.

despite: Despite the rain, they went for a walk.

even if: Even if it rains, the event will still take place.

even though: Even though it was late, he stayed to finish the work.

in contrast: In contrast to the others, she chose the vegetarian option.

however: He was tired; however, he didn’t stop working.

on the other hand: Some people enjoy spicy food, while on the other hand, some find it too hot.

(and) yet: She’s very busy, and yet she always finds time to help others.

at the same time: He’s ambitious, but at the same time, he’s quite humble.

Positive Addition

both…and: He’s both intelligent and hardworking.

and: She likes both pizza and pasta.

not only…but also: He’s not only a great singer but also an excellent dancer.

too: She’s coming to the party too.

in addition to: In addition to his job, he volunteers at a local shelter.

further: We need to conduct further research on this topic.

furthermore: Furthermore, we have to consider the budget.

also: I’m going to the store, and I’ll also pick up some groceries.

not to mention the fact that: He’s a talented musician, not to mention the fact that he’s a great painter.

besides: Besides studying, he enjoys playing the guitar.

Negative Addition

either: You can either have tea or coffee.

neither…nor: Neither the book nor the movie was interesting.

nor: I neither agree nor disagree with their decision.


even so: It was raining; even so, they went hiking.

but: She studied hard, but she didn’t pass the exam.

still (and): He’s tired, but he still wants to finish the project.

however: However busy she is, she always finds time for her family.

yet: It’s a challenging task, yet he’s determined to complete it.

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