Top 20 Adverbs

An adverb is a word that adds additional information about place, manner, time, degree to a word. It enhances the meaning of the word it modifies.

  • Slowly: in a slow manner
  • Actively: in an active manner
  • Certainly: without a doubt; definitely
  • Quickly: in a fast or rapid manner
  • Absolutely: completely; entirely
  • Easily: without difficulty; effortlessly
  • Politely: in a courteous or respectful manner
  • Really: truly; genuinely
  • Recently: in the recent past; lately
  • Lately: in the recent past; recently
  • Incredibly: unbelievably; extremely
  • Seriously: in a serious or earnest manner
  • Carefully: with careful attention or caution
  • Dangerously: in a risky or hazardous manner
  • Hard: with difficulty or effort
  • Loudly: in a loud or high-volume manner
  • Well: in a satisfactory or skillful manner
  • Badly: in a poor or unsatisfactory manner
  • Beautifully: in an attractive or aesthetically pleasing manner
  • Always: at all times; on all occasions
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