ESSAY FROM STUDENTS / Why do we need to learn English ?

Why do we need to learn English?

First of all, according to the scientists,learning English(or any language ) is easier during childhood than it is to be done in late time. So parent’s approach to the child’d acquisition to the language is very important. It is believed that the parents who speaks both languages at home bring up their children billingual.

Primary years are also very important because second language teaching starts in early ages especially in private schools. Every child hasn’t got the same opportunities to learn the language as some could go to the Private schools but some not. I think here, We should think more about the TEACHING system. If lots of pupils are exposed to learn the language, they will also have to use it.

Teachers should teach English with fun so the kids like to learn it. Otherwise they are getting bored of plenty of grammar lessons. I remember  my teachers used to give the lessons with lots of language games and we were so eager to do the tasks and homeworks. The schools also should have trips to the countries whose official language is English.But these trips should aim to get the students learn more about the culture and the language.

Finally, learning English is focussed on grammar in Turkey so that the kids get easily bored. Learning should be fun!.

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