1. If  I am not right I ‘m …………………….
a. wrong      b. certain    c. correct    d. un-right
2. If you are not taller you are …………….
a. the short       b.  shorter      c. shortest      d. short
3. She is 1.55 cm and she is 90 kilos so she is ………….
a. fat     b. old      c. new      d . thin
[1. a]   [2. b]  [3. a]
Chose the correct sentence which describes the people correctly.
1. He is not interested in  listening.
   a.    He is bored.
   b.    He is tired.
   c.    He is rich
   d.    He is funny.
2. He has a lot of Money.
   a.    He is lonely
   b.    He is poor.
   c.    He is rich
   d.    He is funny.
3. He always wins when he plays.
   a. He is funny.
   b. He is lonely.
   c. He is bored.
   d. He is lucky.
4. He has many things to do.
   a. He is lazy.
   b. He is honest.
   c.He is hungry.
   d. He is busy.
5. Everyone knows him.
   a. He is honest.
   b. He is famous
   c. He is poor.
   d. He is rich.
6. My mom's hair is not straight, it ……….
   a. longly  
   b .shortly  
   c. curly   
   d. tall 
7. He has no friends.
  a. He is popular.
  b. He is lonely.
  c. He is famous.
  d. He is clever.
[1. a]  [2. c]  [3. d]  [4. d]   [5.b]   [6.c]   [7. b]

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