Word List / Unit 1 / Lesson 1

Unit 1

FCE students may be asked questions such as:

What do you work for?

What do you study?

FCE (First Certificate Exam) students need to know the differences between “work” and “study”.


Are you an employer or a worker?

How long has he been working in his job?

What do you like about your job?

What is your future plan for your job?


What are you studying for?

What are your ambitions for the future in your study?

How often do you speak French/English/German?

Key Vocabulary for FCE

Amuse /əˈmyo͞oz/ – To make somebody laugh or smile.

Bore – To make someone feel uninterested or disengaged.

Compromise – To come to an agreement by mutual concession.

Desire – To wish for or want something.

Amused – Feeling entertained or finding something funny.

Amusement – The state of being entertained or enjoying something.

Amusement arcade – A place with arcade games for entertainment.

Amusement park – A park with rides, games, and other entertainment.

Amusing – Entertaining or causing laughter.

Bored – Feeling uninterested or weary due to lack of engagement.

Boring – Causing a lack of interest or excitement.

Boredom – The state of being bored or uninterested.

Compromised – Settled or resolved through mutual concession.

Compromising – Reaching an agreement by making concessions.

Desired – Wanted or wished for.

Desirable – Attractive or worth wanting.

Desiring – Expressing a wish or longing for something.

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