Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of manner describe how actions are done:

For example:

Football in the USA is growing quickly.

We form adverbs by adding –ly to adjectives:

  • Quickly (from quick)
  • Slowly (from slow)
  • Easily (from easy)
  • Beautifully (from beautiful)
  • Carefully (from careful)

When asking “How?” about an action, we get the adverb of manner:

For example:

How does she run? – She runs slowly.

Some adverbs don’t take –ly. They are irregular adverbs:

For example:


Some words can be both adjectives and adverbs. We determine their usage by asking “How?” about the verb:

For example:

He arrives late.

I always study hard.

We can also use quite and very with adverbs:

For example:

He runs quite fast.

She runs very fast.

This content provides an overview of adverbs of manner in English.

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