Five things to do in London

Welcome to London!

What a great city to be in! Can you hear the lively sounds of the city? If you are newly arrived to this great city and have never been in there before, this great guide is for you. Do not forget to do these things before your leave!

1. Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most popular areas in London. Although Londoners do not like its being that touristy, everybody love there. Do not forget to take some creative pictures with Big Ben. 

2. Do a walking tour near the Thames river

After taking pictures near the Big Ben, pass the Westminster bridge and then enjoy the scenery. Some parts of the bridges are crowded because of the tourists. However, if you do not like crowds, you may try the less popular areas.

3. Science Museum

I remember visiting science museum took my all day. However, many tourists spend only a few hours in there because time is limited to them. If you have some time, give it a shot and spend some time in there. Also, it is a great place to have some fun with your children.

4.Victoria & Albert

You will see there at the opposite of the Science Museum. Therefore, you can try to make a plan that include two of them at the same time. In Victoria & Albert, you can see historical pieces of different cultures. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may see an interesting exhibition too.

5. Try Fish & Chips

Fish and chips are one of the cultural foods in there. You shouldn’t return before trying it. I didn’t try it because I don’t like fry fish. However, you should try if you do not have a problem with fried food.

Have an enjoyable trip, and let us know your ideas too!

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