Conditional Clauses

In English, conditional clauses express future actions:

If you study a lot, you will pass your exams.

If I have time, I will help you later.

If you leave now, you will not be late.

What will you do if you don’t pass the University exam?

Unless you study, you won’t pass.

Unless I earn more money, we can’t afford the Paris Trip.

Unless you help us around, we can’t finish the housework.

As long as you listen to your teachers during the lesson, you will learn easily.

As long as the weather is perfect, we can have a picnic tomorrow.

As long as we concentrate on the lessons, you will be successful.

Even if they practice much, they won’t win the match.

Even if you work until midnight, you won’t finish.

In case you lose your passport, please call me.

Take your coat in case it gets freezing cold.

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