Future Tense with “Will” and “Shall”

The shortest way to express future actions in English is by using “will”. “Will” is often used to express thoughts and predictions based on your beliefs.

Phrases used with “will”:

  • I hope
  • I think
  • I am sure
  • I suppose

I hope she will be a good runner.

I am sure it will not be easy for us.

I think this singer will be very famous with his new single.

If I arrive on time, I will check the buttons.

I hope the lessons will start on time.

He will learn Spanish as soon as possible.

Jane will like Turkish Food.

I suppose he will come and apologize.

You can also use “‘ll” as a contraction of “will”:

I’ll help you about the situation, you can believe this.

If you listen to this new single, you’ll feel the difference.

I think robots will do all the jobs in the factories in 20 years time.

“Shall” Usage:

Shall is often used for suggestions and offers:

Shall we go to Arnold’s new movie tonight?

Shall I start now?

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